Web Directory list

While with the past Google updates different link building tactics have been downgraded, even with web directory submission suffering from this, these should not be left in the dust, as a backlink is still a backlink, even with lower value, that can add to your SEO strategy. Building your SEO solely on web directory links is not enough, but these submissions combined with other link building strategies like article submissions, small SEO support websites like ones accepted by FreeSEOHosting.com, Press Releases can do wonders. It is also best to have backlinks from as many and various sources, so web directory submissions can still deliver ranking improvements for your website if done properly.

Below we are listing some good web directories, selected for their value here because of different top level local domains and each with dedicated IP addresses, just perfect to give you the diversity needed for SEO:

🇬🇧 1WebDirectory.co.uk – for UK
🇺🇸 1WebDirectory.us – for US
🇪🇸 1DirectorioWeb.es – for Spain
🇩🇪 1WebVerzeichnis.de – for Germany
🇫🇷 1AnnuaireWeb.fr – for France
🇮🇹 1WebDirectory.it – for Italy
🇵🇹 1DiretorioWeb.pt – for Portugal
🇳🇱 1WebDirectory.nl – for Netherlands
🇸🇪 1Webbkatalog.se – for Sweden
🇩🇰 1Webkatalog.dk – for Denmark
🇫🇮 1WebHakemisto.fi – for Finland
🇵🇱 1KatalogWWW.pl – for Poland
🇷🇴 1WebDirector.ro – for Romania

Niche Directories:
iGaming.Directory – for gambling niche