Qualification, Terms, Quality Guidelines

To start your application process, please go through the steps 1. Qualification, 2. Terms and 3. Quality Guidelines presented below:

qualification1. Qualification

If you would like to host one or more websites in our network, please read carefully below short requirements before applying for the free hosting:

  • Website files accepted in format .html, .htm or .php. We do not accept script installations (WordPress, Joomla etc.. or databases)
  • Website should have minim 3 pages, and maximum 5 pages, with quality / informative content – no duplicate content allowed.
  • Website language should be related to the chosen IP location from our list. Ex: for a French website, we will be able to host it on an IP from France or Canada for example to create better SEO value
  • Web domain – you should have your own local top level domain (country top level – Ex: .fr for French IP selection), but we may also accept generic domains. No subdomains are accepted.
  • Website should be lightweight, with not many images, videos or sounds, large files etc.. that would put pressure on our servers. Please develop your website in a clean manner and as light as possible (aim at max 2 Mb folder per website). At the same time, your website should not be generating much traffic either (please note this website should be used only for SEO link building purposes). Websites with higher volume in traffic will not be accepted / removed from our network.

Given that you fulfill all above points, continue with below short T&C of use:

terms of use2. Terms & Conditions

  1. Please note that the servers do not have mail function activated so do not include any contact forms in your project. Also, the FTP function is not made public, so uploading web files to your website will be done manually by our team (for this case we will not accept more than 2 updates per year to your website, so make your site in such a manner that does not require much updating work once published).
  2. Also, please note we accept a limited number of websites on each IP address, so once we reach that limit we do not accept new projects published on those locations.
  3. Please note we may require 1-2 content backlinks from each uploaded website + 1-2 content backlinks from external websites you own directing to a range of other projects of our partners. This is what makes the SEO Hosting free on our end! Links may be hosted on homepage or a sub-page one click away from homepage (no partner link sections).

If you agree with above Terms & Conditions of use, please go on last step and read our quality guidelines to ensure approval of your project in our network:

quality guidelines3. Quality Guidelines

We aim at providing a quality network hosting for SEO purposes that improves as an overall the rankings of our users, hence we have prepared a set of guidelines that all our members should adhere to. Please read carefully these guidelines before applying for a free SEO hosting account with us:

  • your website should provide quality and informative content to the subject approached
  • your website should not promote affiliate products, but rather be used solely for quality backlink building purposes to your main web projects
  • your website should not generate much traffic that puts pressure on our servers
  • your website domain should reach a minimum 15 score in Domain Authority within 12 months from publishing in our network
  • your website should adhere to quality and white hat SEO practices (no black hat or acquisition of spammy links permitted)
  • your website should not be related or link to adult websites, pharmaceuticals, phishing, copyrighted materials or any illegal products/services
  • if you will have multiple websites hosted on FreeSEOHosting.com network, these websites should not link between each-other in order to keep the IP list clean of penalties. You should also not link to more than one of these websites from the same external page/website

Congratulations! if you have reached this far you can START YOUR APPLICATION so we can check and approve it.