How SEO Works?

Search engines like Google or Bing use different signals to create search rankings for different terms. These signals and how much they weight are not made public by search engines, so SEO experts can only test and identify such factors. At the moment most have agreed on a number of nearly 200 signals used to rank websites in search results. These factors can be split on On-page optimization and Off-page optimization.

The On-page optimization refers to the things a webmaster can do and implement in his own website to improve rankings in search engines. These include: web domain name, website content, meta-tags, content headers, content keywords and other.

The Off-page optimization refers to the things outside of the website, and among the most important factors are backlinks. Backlinks can be claimed through website partnerships, web directory submissions, PR, great content that attract backlinks from related websites. But even with a great product in place, PR and great content – many webmasters will find it difficult to properly increase in rankings for as many keywords as wanted. That is why many SEO agencies and individual webmasters create micro-websites with few pages of content, host them on different web domains and different hostings. This strategy approach require many times larger budgets to be implemented correctly. comes to the help of small to medium project owners by reducing the cost of buying individual hosting with localized IP addresses that can translate in around $50 / year for a simple hosting package. Multiply this price with the number of different web hosting providers you want to use, and you will get the total yearly cost.

We accept small web projects for the purpose of backlink building for your bigger websites. You can submit your website for free hosting within our network, and we will upload it to an appropriate IP address. This will create added SEO value.

If you have any questions on SEO, you can join SEO discussions on Affiliates.Wiki forum. Affiliates.Wiki is a community website where webmasters in the business of affiliate marketing discuss and share strategies, does and don’ts, what performs and what doesn’t.